I. Function:

The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Online Newspaper is an agency of the Party Central Committee Commission of Popularization and Education, raising the voices of the Party, State and people on the Internet, and being an electronic information database of the CPV Central Committee (CPVCC).

II. Responsibilities:

1. Provides news, information for popularization and education:

- Supplies orthodoxy information on CPV's viewpoints, guidelines and policies on internal and external affairs;
- Provides comprehensive information on activities carried out by CPV, Central Committee, Political Bureau, Secretariat and key leaders of the Party and State;
- Effectuates far-reaching dissemination of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought;
- Makes assessments and comments on the basis of the Party's orthodoxy viewpoints on events and pressing issues of public concern, and carries out exchanges in an open manner on issues relating to CPV that readers pay attention to;
- Satisfies people s demand for information, entertainment and positive cultural activities.

2. Be a people s forum:

- Holds dialogues on CPV and Vietnamese State issues that readers pay attention to;
- Reflects honestly and fully the thoughts, aspirations, suggestions, experiences and initiatives of cadres, Party members and people for the Party and State.

3. Encourages the emulation movement of the whole Party, people and the army

- Encourages new examples and outstanding persons in the emulation movement for national construction and safeguarding;
- Participates in practical studies, disseminating experience to boost the emulation movement.

4. Participates in popularization on external affairs and struggles in political arguments

- Promptly disseminates guidelines, laws, policies and comprehensive development achievements in foreign language pages (English, Chinese, French) to contribute to orienting international public opinion on Vietnam;
- Resolutely, actively and convincingly struggles against arguments and activities of hostile forces aiming to sabotage national revolution;
- Resolutely struggles with focus and exacting standards against negative phenomena, corruption, smuggling, bureaucracy, waste and other social evils.

5. Builds up electronic information database

- Stores classic works of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Ho Chi Minh and documents of the CPVCC;
- Conducts research and introduces the contents of classic works and Party documents.

6- Does activities for economic purpose

- Performs services on the page based on State laws;
- Offers advertising to introduce the Vietnamese country and people, and its achievements in economic, political, cultural and social sectors.

III. Board of Editors

Editor-in-chief: Tran Doan Tien
Standing Deputy Editor-in-chief: Nguyen Cong Dung
Deputy Editor-in-chief: Do Thi Thu Hien
Deputy Editor-in-chief: Nguyen Trong Hau
Member: Pham Duc Thai
Member: Do Thi Thu Hien

IV. Departments

1. Department of Sub-editors                                                    Tel: 080 48161

Head of Department: Vu Dieu Thu                                           Tel: 08048253  


2. Department for Politics and News                                         Tel: 080 48159

Head of Department: Luong Thi Thanh Hoa                             Tel: 080 48952


3. Department for Party Building Affairs                                  Tel: 080 44060

Head of Department: Nguyen Van Minh                                   Tel: 08048951

4. Department for Economics and Social Affairs                       Tel: 080 48797

Deputy Head of Department: Dang Ngoc Hieu                         Tel: 080 48934


5. Department for Cultural Affairs                                            Tel: 080 48609

Head of Department: Do Thi Thu Hien                                    Tel: 080 48895

6. Department for Documentation                                             Tel: 080 48458

Deputy Head of Department: Tran Hong Quynh                      Tel: 080 48520


7. Department for International Affairs                                     Tel: 080 48523

Head of Department: Pham Duc Thai                                       Tel: 080 48927

8. Department for English Page                                                 Tel: 080 48607

Deputy Head of Department: Vu Khac Kien                             Tel: 080 48237


9. Department for Chinese Page                                                Tel: 080 48847

Deputy Head of Department (in charge): Nguyen Thi Yen       Tel: 080 48823

Deputy Head of Department: Dang Pham Hai


10. Department for French Page                                               Tel: 080 48459

In charge: Tran Thi Lan Huong


11. Internet Television Center                                                  Tel: 080 48937

Director: Nong Van Manh                                                        Tel: 080 45679

Deputy Director: Dao Nguyen Lan                                            Tel: 08045682


12. Department for Permanent Correspondents                         Tel: 080 48936

Head of Department: Tran Anh Tuan                                         Tel: 080 48151


13. Office                                                                                    Tel: 080 48162

Chief of Office: Nguyen Thi Mai Phuong                                   Tel: 080 48348

Deputy Chief of Office: Nguyen Thanh Cao                               Tel: 080 49745

V. Headquarter:

381 Doi Can street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi 
Tel: 080.48161 - 080.48162; Fax: 080.44175; Email: thuky.dcsvn@gmail.com

Southern Region Representative Office:
87 Tran Quoc Toan street, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city
Tel: 080.84168
Fax: 080.83521
Email: thuongtruhcm@cpv.org.vnttphianam@gmail.com

Central Region Representative Office:
26 Tran Phu street, Danang city 
Tel: 080.51538
Fax: 080.51539
Email: thuongtrudn@cpv.org.vnvpmientrung@yahoo.com.vn