Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presents flowers to the Cyber Command (Source: VNA)

With the strong development of science technology and the Internet and the grow-up of the fourth Industrial Revolution, cyberspace is becoming a new “territory” holding important role in each country’s socio-economic development, defence, security and external relations, Phuc said at a ceremony in Hanoi on January 8th to announce the Prime Minister’s decision on the establishment of the command.

In modern warfare, cyberspace is considered as the fifth combat environment which is connected closely with air, ground, sea and space combat. Therefore, cyber combat plays an important role in wars that use hi-tech weapons, he added.

The Government leader requested the Cyber Command to coordinate closely with relevant units such as the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Information and Communications to safeguard the military and defence information system as well as the nation’s important information data.

He urged the force to study and apply advanced science technology and military tactics in cyber combat, and learn from the world’s latest and modern achievements on information technology and hi-tech weapons.

It is also essential to train competent personnel so as to promote human intelligence in controlling modern cyber weapons and step up international cooperation, he stressed.

He asked relevant units to quickly build projects to enhance cyberspace combat to submit to him for approval and implementation.

The Cyber Command is a unit of the Defence Ministry and helps the ministry implement the State management function of safeguarding the national sovereignty in cyberspace and information technology./.