At this session, the NA was initially scheduled to consider and vote on ten draft laws which had been scrutinised at the previous sitting in October 2019 and a resolution on the 2021 law and ordinance building programme, and deliberate seven other draft laws.

A discussion at the NA's ninth session (Photo: VNA)

The NA Standing Committee presented a proposal on withdrawing two draft laws from the ninth session’s agenda, which are the draft law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Land Law and the draft Law on Health Examination and Treatment (amended), while adding four draft laws to the agenda.

It also asked to revise the scope of amendments to the Law on Environmental Protection, from amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law to revising the entire Law. The submission of the draft Law on Emulation and Reward (revised) for debate, slated for October this year, is to be delayed to the second meeting of the 15th NA, scheduled for October 2021.

Minister of Justice Le Thanh Long clarified certain matters of concern for deputies.

He said the Government has put forth solutions for existing problems in drafting laws, such as delay and poor quality projects. He stressed that the Prime Minister and the Government have given top priority to the building of institutions, laws, and ordinances.

The NA is set to approve the Law on the Issuance of Legal Documents, with specific regulations stipulating the responsibilities of agencies in the field.

Minister Le Thanh Long also spoke of solutions to enhance the supervision and inspection role of Party agencies in the building of institutions, law, and ordinances./.