Gem bowl (Photo:

Getting ideas from a bowl - the main item in the familiar meal of Asian people, APEC gem bowl was created.

Main decorative pattern on the bowl is lotus - national flower of Vietnam, which symbolizes purity and nobility. The flower is carved precisely. Most prominent is the golden lotus bud on the top of the bowl, bearing the message of the continuous development of a country.

In addition, flowers and leaves of fern, one of the earliest plant species, symbolizing the long history of Vietnam, is also carved artistically.

On one side is the dragon pattern symbolizing the country of Vietnam, on the other side is the symbol of APEC 2017 on the top. Especially, the bowl is supported by three mascots, which are part dragon and part phoenix, which symbolize the race of Dragon and Fairy of Vietnamese people, and also present the unity of the three regions of Vietnam.

The patterns are decorated with 24K gold on cobalt blue, which symbolizes prosperity, luxury and ranking.

The bowl shows the traditional features of the Vietnamese culture, which is elegant, luxurious and of international range. This is an invaluable item that has the meaning of honouring and preserving the historic mark of the APEC Summit 2017 in Vietnam./.