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So far, the locality has had 1,602 FDI projects in effect with a total capital of USD19.64 billion. Of these, 1,331 projects were invested in manufacturing and processing industry, making up 83%; including 1,205 projects from the Republic of Korea, 112 projects from China and 86 projects from Japan.

Aiming to create attraction to both foreign and domestic investors, Bac Ninh focused on improving business climate with giving priority to projects which use less land, less labor; have high investment rate, much budget collection and high technology.

Together with general preferential mechanisms and policies of the State, the province also proposed some initiatives to encourage investment in industrial zones and boost on-the-spot investment promotion through creating images from big FDI businesses, such as: Samsung, Canon and Foxcon.

For these, Bac Ninh continues to be one of the localities attracting the most FDI capital for many years./.