Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Nhan Chien presents party badges to elderly party members (Photo:

Particularly, 70-year-old party badges are given to 17 party members; 65-year-old party badges to 05 party members; 60-year-old party badges to 25 party members; 55-year-old party badges to 76 party members; 50-year-old party badges to 119 party members; 45-year-old party badges to 134 party members; 40-year-old party badges to 249 party members and 30-year-old party badges to 105 party members.

Localities, which have large number of party members presented party badges, include Bac Ninh city (148 party members), Que Vo (111 party members), Luong Tai (96 party members) and Tu Son (78 party members).

The party badge presentation aims to acknowledge the contribution and dedication of elderly party members as well as educate young people about revolutionary tradition of previous generations./.