Dong Ho painting arts (Source: VNA)

According to VNA, the National Cultural Heritage Council will appraise dossiers later this year, then complete them before submitting to the Prime Minister.

If recognised, this traditional art could be revived and its value promoted.

Studying Dong Ho painting (Source: VNA)

Dong Ho folk painting was recognized as national intangible cultural heritage. It is a genre of Vietnamese woodcut paintings originating from Dong Ho village in Bac Ninh province. Using the traditional diep paper and colours derived from nature, craftsmen print Dong Ho pictures of different themes from good luck wishes and historical figures to everyday activities and folk allegories.

Vietnam has been submitting dossiers on Then singing of the Tay, Nung and Thai ethnic groups, Xoe dance of the Thai ethnic group, and pottery making of the Cham ethnic people to seek UNESCO recognition./.

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