Uncle Ho talked with children in Tam Son on February 9th, 1967.

Between 1958-1959, Bac Ninh province was honored to receive President Ho Chi Minh five times to visit and direct agricultural production, including the Conference on Irrigation in the whole Northern region held in Tien Du district.

President Ho Chi Minh advised the Bac Ninh provincial Party Committee and people, the general idea was: Officials at all levels must have a strong change in their thinking and working style, must be an example and drastically improve techniques; being determined to emulate agricultural production in order to improve the people's life and build socialism. Officials, Party members and people in the province must unite and emulate to build Bac Ninh into a rich province.

In addition, President Ho Chi Minh also reminded officials, Party members and people: "The leaders and officials of the ideological sector must understand clearly; must be determined to overcome difficulties to fulfill the task; must share joys and sorrows with the people; must encourage and help the people to uphold their creativity, improve techniques and raise productivity; must be good organization, good leadership and strict discipline. Party members and youth union members and young people must be examples; must fight against conservative ideology, bureaucratic style and waste.

Finally, people have to unite closely, with solidarity among officials, between cadres and people, and among people. Solidarity is the force.

Over the past 60 years of implementing Uncle Ho's teachings, from an agricultural province with many difficulties, the Party Committee, administration, mass organizations and people have together emulated and been determined to basically become a modern industrial province.

1. Agriculture, farmers and rural areas have prospered: many farms, concentrated commodity production areas, hi-tech agriculture model, clean agriculture with high economic value, building many trademarks of agricultural products, contributing to increasing production value in a unit area.

The province now has 153 breeding farms, 47 farming farms, 27 aquaculture farms, 21 mixed farms and thousands of family farms with an average income of VND1.83 billion/farm; 88 high-tech application agricultural models; 24 facilities granted Viet GAP certificates; 78 specialized production areas covering ​about 1,500 hectares, have formed many safe vegetable growing areas, large sample fields with high productivity and value. In 2017, the value of agricultural production reached VND8,554.5 billion.

Many scientific and technological advances have been widely applied, the rate of mechanization of soil preparation is over 95%, that of harvesting is about 70% and the promotion re-usage of agricultural by-product. Many large businesses have been investing in agriculture, changing the appearance and mode of agricultural production, contributing to improving income and life for farmers.

2. Programs of new-style rural area, safe water and environmental sanitation have been implemented positively. Technical infrastructure, irrigation, power lines, intra-field roads and other infrastructure for production are invested synchronously and quite complete. Nearly 900km of canals have been concreted, 669 pumping stations for irrigation have been built, more than 22,200 biogas tanks have been supported to build; 98.3% of rural residents have access to safe water; 99.6% of schools, 100% of clinics have hygienic latrines. By the end of 2017, 73 communes reaching new rural standards, accounting 75.3% of the total number of communes.

3. The Party Committee and people of Bac Ninh province have united and make efforts to emulate to achieve important achievements in all areas: in 2017, gross regional domestic product (GRDP) accounted for 3.25 % of nation's GDP, ranking 4th position nationally; GRDP growth rate reached 19.12% (the highest rate in the country). The economic structure continued to shift positively; the industry and construction sector accounted for 74.4%; services accounted for 22.7%; agriculture, forestry and fishery for 2.9%.

Many economic indicators ranked second positions of the nation: the growth of industrial production value was high at VND968,846 billion, exceeding 33% of the year plan; export turnover reached a new record of USD29.85 billion, accounting for 14.9% of the total export turnover of the country, attracting foreign investment of more than USD3.5 billion, GRDP per capita reached USD6,027.

Planning, construction management, urban development, socio-economic infrastructure construction and completion have been strengthened; Bac Ninh city has become the first-class urban centre of the province.

After 20 years of construction and development, Bac Ninh city has become more spacious and modern.

Bac Ninh province after 20 years of construction and development 

Along with the economic development achievements, socio-cultural activities also achieved many outstanding results: education and training ranked first in the rate of national standard schools of 91.4%; national standard clinics reach 100%. Bac Ninh is one of the leading localities in implementing the social security and welfare policy, supporting the construction of housing for the poor, policy beneficiaries and revolutionary contributors.

Administrative reform, national defense, security and foreign affairs have been strengthened. The work of building the Party and organizations in the political system has been renewed and achieved positive results. The implementation of the Resolution of the 4th PCC meeting (term XI, XII) and the implementation of Directive 05-CT/TW of the Politburo have contributed to improving the quality Party members, as well as the operational effect of the political system.

In recognition of great achievements, the Party and State have presented a number of noble rewards to collectives and individuals in the province. In particular, over the 20 years since the re-establishment, it was presented Government’s Emulation Flag three times in 2006, 2007 and 2012, the State President’s Ho Chi Minh order in 2012; 1st class Order of Independence in 2017; 10 collectives and one individual were presented “Hero of Labor”; 5 collectives and 24 individuals were presented Independence Medal; 267 collectives and 291 individuals were presented Medal of Labour; 34 presented National Soldier of Emulation; 3 presented People’s teachers; 85 presented meritorious teachers; 2 People’s Artists; 20 meritorious artists.

Continuing to implement Uncle Ho’s teachings, the Bac Ninh provincial Executive Party Committee defined political tasks for 2018, including: “Creating driving force for development, striving to build Bac Ninh province into a centrally-run city in 2022”. In the short term, it is needed to focus on leading and directing to implement the following major tasks and solutions:

Firstly: Organising well activities to celebrate the 128th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s birth, 70 years of Ho Chi Minh’s appeal for patriotic emulation; launching patriotic emulation movements at levels and branches; praising and developing models of production of agriculture, forestry, fishery and typical trade villages’ products.

Secondly: Continuing to grasp thoroughly and effectuate seriously, creatively and flexibly the policies, Resolutions and Directives of the Party Central Committee, the National Assembly and the Government (especially the Resolutions of the Party Central Committee, term XII).

Thirdly: Mobilising all resources, removing difficulties, promoting production in the fields of industry, agriculture, trade and services; actively direct the construction of new-style rural areas; Striving to complete and exceed the set standard of targets and plans. Completing and recommending the Party Civil Affairs Committee of the Government, the Politburo for the policy of building the Bac Ninh province into a centrally-run city. Continuing to direct the building of E-government, smart cities according to the roadmap suitable with resources.

Fourthly: Strengthening state management in the areas of planning, land, fundamental construction, environmental resources and traffic, in order to tighten discipline, raising the spirit of responsibility of the leaders; focusing on clearing the ground; closely controlling budget receipts and expenses at all levels.

Fifthly: Improving the management’s quality and effectiveness of activities in the fields of education and training, health care, culture, arts, sports, press, information and communication, broadcasting - television, solving unemployment, welfare, and contributing to improving the material and spiritual life of the people.

Sixthly: Firmly ensuring national defense, maintaining political security, social order and safety; traffic safety, fire and explosion prevention; promoting the foreign affairs activities; positively preventing anti-corruption and waste; improving the quality of the reception work, handling letters, inspection, judicial work, investigation, prosecution, trial and civil judgment.

Accelerating administrative reform; improving the quality of public administration at provincial and district levels; building and promulgating mechanisms and policies to support start-ups and enterprises, encouraging investment and production, socio-economic infrastructure, eco-urban areas and tourism, contributing to ensuring the criteria of a centrally-run city.

Seventhly: Continuing to renovate and improve the quality and effectiveness of the work in building the Party, the Government, the Fatherland Front and the mass organizations, while effectively implementing the 4th session of the 12th PCC on Party building and rectification on promoting the studying and following of President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style; seriously deploying and implementing the Resolutions and Conclusions of the 6th and 7th sessions of the 12th PCC, successfully implementing the 9th Congress of the provincial Party Committee.

On the occasion of 128th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s birth and 70 years of President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal for patriotic emulation, Bac Ninh provincial Party Committee and people respectfully commemorate and show deep gratitude for the President’s great services rendered to the country. Each person in Bac Ninh province always feels proud of the glorious Party and Great Uncle Ho, vowing forever to follow the path that the Party and Uncle Ho have chosen./.

Mr Nguyen Nhan Chien, 12th PCC member, Secretary of the Bac Ninh provincial Party Committee and Head of provincial delegation of National Assembly