Minister To Lam speaking at the event

At the meeting, Minister To Lam presented a summary of the results of the 8th session of the 14th NA. Accordingly, the session passed 11 laws and codes, and 17 resolutions with high consensus, and deputies gave comments on 10 other bills. At the same time, the session also reviewed important reports on economics, social affairs, and state budget in 2019; discussed reports on judicial work and passed General Resolution on judicial work.

He stressed since the beginning of 2019, the People’s Public Security force has carried out many plans and measures to firmly ensure national security and to defeat the conspiracy and anti-sabotage activities of hostile forces and reactionaries.

The struggle against drug-related crime has achieved remarkable results, destroying many transnational drug trafficking and transportation lines led by foreigners who take advantage of Vietnam to transfer drugs to the third country.

Voters in Luong Tai said that opinions of NA deputies showed very high sense of responsibility to voters and they absorbed and clarified the content which voters in the district are interested in; contributing to strengthening the confidence of voters nationwide in general. 

In addition, some voters made recommendations related to economic development, social welfare, environmental protection, security, order and traffic safety in the locality.

On this occasion, Minister To Lam presented 20 sets of computers to 5 high schools in Luong Tai district./.