Leaders of the PCC’s Commission for Organization and the provincial Party Committee congratulated Ms. Nguyen Huong Giang and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Chung. (Photo: chinhphu.vn)

At the event, under the authorization of the Secretariat, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, 12th PCC member and Standing Deputy Head of the PCC Commission for Organization, presented the Decisions to Ms. Nguyen Huong Giang, member of the Standing Board of the Bac Ninh Party Committee and Chairwoman of the provincial People’s Council, and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Chung, member of the Standing Board of the Bac Ninh Party Committee and Head of the provincial Party Committee’s Commission for Internal Affairs.

Under the Decisions, Ms Giang and Mr Chung were approved to be two Deputy Secretaries of the Bac Ninh Party Committee in the 2015-2020 term.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh congratulated the two new Deputy Secretaries while asking them to continue to make efforts and train to complete their assignment and successfully perform socio-economic development tasks and Party building work; especially preparations for the organization of Party Congresses at all levels, towards the 13th National Party Congress.

For their part, Mr Chung and Ms Giang thanked the Party Central Committee and the Executive Board of the provincial Party Committee, and affirmed their determination and efforts in fulfilling the assigned tasks and committed to unite with leaders of the locality to help Bac Ninh increasingly develop for the benefit of the people./.