American singer Kyo York in Vietnamese traditional clothes (Source: VNA)

The lyrics warn about the dangers of the novel coronavirus, and the song’s chorus urge people to wear face masks, avoid crowded places and clean their hands.

With upbeat music and Kyo York's energetic performance and good command of Vietnamese, the new version has quickly become popular, gathering more than 180,000 views on the singer’s YouTube channel just a day after it was posted.

Kyo York said the MV reached about 200,000 views in a day. It was a great encouragement for him and the crew. Although the SARS-CoV-2 virus is widespread, life continues. Every day, the community is still receiving positive results from efforts and determination to combat the disease.

"Therefore, I hope the audience will continue to spread their faith, promote solidarity to create strength to overcome the epidemic," said the singer.

Earlier, Kyo York had translated the song "Ghen Co Vy", composed by Khac Hung, into English, attracting more than 500,000 views.  "Ghen Co Vy" released on February 23rd by Min and Erik, was a project initiated the Vietnamese Ministry of Health to increase awareness about COVID-19 prevention.

Kyo York, 35, came to Vietnam in late 2009 to teach English to young people in the southern province of Hau Giang. Later, he moved to Ho Chi Minh City and has been living there since. He has participated in many gameshows, music prorammes and other events with famous Vietnamese singers./.

Compiled by BTA