Collection of songs "Belief" on COVID-19 prevention and control (Source: Vietnam Association of Musicians)

With the wish to contribute to the functional agencies disseminating COVID-19 prevention and control through music, the association has encouraged members to send songs for selection.

Just 5 days after launching in the beginning of April, the association had received more than 100 compositions from professional and non-professional composers nationwide on this topic. The Art Council selected 60 songs by 52 composers for the collection.

Songs have the same themes of pandemic prevention and control, but have different perspectives, approaches and melodies. In particular, many songs are written about the doctors, nurses, border guards and policemen who are spending day and night preserving and protecting the health of the community.

Besides, there are melodies and lyrics that convey messages to protect themselves in the pandemic and call people to raise their sense of responsibility, comply with regulations and join hands to reverse the epidemic.

In particular, in the collection, the poem "If you do not come back" by Vu Tuan, was put to music by six musicians./.