Kiju will use electronic equipment to play traditional tsugaru shamisen. (Photo:

Musicians Kimihiro Kitamura and Kiju (real name Adachi Eiji) will perform shakuhachi and shamisen which are Japanese traditional instruments. Shakuhachi is a type of bamboo flute and provides a variety of sound, while shamisen is a three-string instrument.

In the concert, Kiju will play tsugaru shamisen, a version of the instrument that can play modern genres such as jazz and rock. Kitamura is a popular shakuhachi performer in Japan and a key member of the Bamboo Orchestra, Japan’s first bamboo instrument ensemble. He will perform a repertoire including traditional and contemporary music at the concert.

Kiju has had a passion for shamisen since 5th grade. He studied it from shamisen master Kitamura Masataka and became a talented tsugaru shamisen performer. As a traditional performer, he also creates and performs original pieces. In this concert, he will perform new style of shamisen using electronic equipment.

During the one-hour concert, the musicians will introduce the instruments and invite audiences to play them. The concert will begin at 3pm on January 13th at 27 Quang Trung street, Hanoi./.