Diverse activities for children at L’Espace in Hanoi (Source: toquoc.vn)

Accordingly, an exhibition on children conducting scientific experiments displays four books. Each book includes 10 easy-to-do, easy-to-succeed, highly suggestive experiments, helping "child scientists" discover on their own the secrets of the surrounding world such as water, air, earth and universe. Through vividly illustrated and detailed color diagrams, the set of the book provides interesting and useful knowledge, helping children get excited to start in science subjects.

On January 5th, children enjoyed story-reading time, immersed themselves in the wonderful world of the story, and discovered how to read in interactive digital versions.

Ms. Léa Delescluse, painter and drawing teacher, will control “Let’s give me a story” program at 16h00 on January 12th. After hearing a story, the children will imagine a world of their own to show on paper. Pencils, markers and crayons will help children of all ages to imagine.

At 16h00 on January 16th, a movie on Pok & Mok will be screened. It is about Mok's daily life, an 8-year-old boy and Pok, his pet, a short-haired gibbon. Both experience humorous adventures and explore the concept of sustainable development. These two companions are at odds or united according to circumstances. This relationship is not easy for Ernes and Pénélope, Mok's parents, who were closely following them.

On January 19th, activities related to the discovery of the universe will begin at 10h30 through experiments./.

Compiled by BTA