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The exhibition will run until August 31st.  The photos were taken by artist Tran Quoc Dung over the past two years.

Born in Vietnam and growing up in France, Tran Quoc Dung returned to Vietnam to settle in 2007. He has been working at the French International School in Hanoi for about 10 years. During this time, he began taking street scenes and travel photos whenever possible. He sold some of his photos to fund a non-governmental organization (School On The Boat) and then decided to focus on this project that combines his passion for hiking and photography.

“An architect friend of mine saw my photos and encouraged me to take a step forward and make a story. At that time I was living very close to the bridge and going over it every day, I carefully observed the weather, the light and the people.” He climbed the bridge more than twenty times, at different times and seasons, to hunt scenes.

By depicting the 100-year-old bridge with very little modification, without adding any effects or processing colors, artist Dung plans to "restore the original emotions by giving viewers a part of their own wonders.”

“Some Vietnamese friends told me that they have never seen the bridge so beautiful. There are no words to describe my level of satisfaction with those comments. My work has achieved its goal,” shared the artist. He said that this project is still unfinished and he will continue to photograph the bridge./.

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