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Accordingly, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism assigned the Department of Cinema to coordinate with relevant agencies, departments of culture, sports and tourism, film distribution and cinema, culture and arts centers in provinces and cities under central government to organize the film screening.

On this occasion, the television documentary series entitled “Vietnam in the Ho Chi Minh Era - A Television History” will be aired on all national and local TV channels in Vietnam.

The first episode of the 90-episode series, produced by film crews from various documentary production units, will be premiered on February 4th and the whole series is scheduled to be broadcast at prime time until February 2021.

The series, with each episode running 25-30 minutes, is a detailed and systematic historical account of modern Vietnamese history from the CPV-led August Revolution, which gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, to the present day.

The documentary affirms the role of the CPV and President Ho Chi Minh over the past several decades, thereby educating the audience on the country’s historical traditions, the CPV’s leadership and consistent policy, and the nation’s development in each period./.

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