Deputy Head of the PCC’s Commission for Popularization and Education Le Manh Hung at a working session (Source: CPV)

The working session was in the framework of reviewing the popularization and education in the June - December period and preparing for the national conference to review the work in 2019.

The provincial commission gave an overview of the province, the results of implementing socio-economic development tasks and building the political system in the January - September period of 2019, keys tasks of popularization and education in 2020, and proposals to the PCC’s Commission for Popularization and Education.

In 2019, the popularization and education system in the whole province always adheres to the direction and guidance of the higher level and the leadership of party committees at the same level, especially the main and important tasks of local authorities to carry out their work. This has helped contribute to the successful implementation of socio-economic development objectives, maintain political stability, and ensure national security, social order and safety in the province.

At the event, Mr Hung appreciated the achievements made by the provincial Party’s Commission for Popularization and Education over the past time. He also asked the local commission to continue coordinating with relevant departments and committees to carry out their tasks in the future, especially in 2020, in which congresses at all levels will take place towards to the 13th National Party Congress.

Besides, he asked the commission to actively provide information in the fields of economic, politics, socio-culture and national defence and security to meet the demands of the new situation./.

Compiled by BTA