The HCM City Museum of History was the first museum in southern Vietnam.

The museum opened in 1929 with the harmonious combination of French and Asiatic influences. Both the building and the surrounding gardens  give an exceptional escape from the bustling vibe of the city.

The museum itself has an area of 3,000 square meters and is divided into several rooms with 18 display spaces. All the rooms are connected with each other through the main hall.

One of the largest museums in the south, it has more than 40,000 artifacts from many countries and ethnic groups.

The displays consist of two main parts. The first exhibits artifacts of Vietnamese history dating from the prehistoric era to the end of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), the country's last royal family; the other features the history of southern Vietnam and some Asian countries.

 The museum is open seven days a week and the entry fee is 30,000 VND (1.3 USD)./.