The professor spent over one year on creating a model of the village gate that is made of precious kinds of both Japanese and Southeast Asian wood.

The donation ceremony of the village gate model (Source: CPV)
The model, which is 90cm wide, 60cm long and 63cm high, can be assembled and dismantled and serve as a visual teaching aid for training of architects and students.

The model of the village gate (Source: CPV)
Professor Ejima Akiyoshi has spent many years restoring Vietnam’s ancient architectural works. He worked four years in the ancient city of Hoi An, from 1996 to 2000. From 2007 to 2012, he participated in 17 projects on researching and restoring Duong Lam village.

The Mong Phu village gate was built in 1553, consisting of unique architectural features. It was restored in 2008 as part of a Vietnam – Japan project./.

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