With the purpose to promote Italy - Vietnam exchange in commerce and investment, ICHAM is honored to be entrusted by Italian Government to conduct the “True Italian Taste" project in Vietnam.

It is a national culinary promotion project that have been operating in 40 countries and territories since 2018. In line with four main activities of the project during the year 2020 in Vietnam, the first year’s event “True Italian Taste” will be held on June 3rd, at Caravelle Saigon hotel (No.9-23 Lam Son square, Ben Nghe ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city) to provide food-bloggers and food-lovers of Italian cuisine with the most accurate and detailed knowledge as well as information about the world of Italian famous pasta.

Photo: Italian Embassy in Vietnam 

According to Michele D'Ercole, Chairman of ICHAM, first evidence showed that the consumption of Pasta dated back to over 3,000 years ago and Pasta was hung to dry for the first time in the 9th century. Throughout the history of Italy, Pasta has always been present and played a vital role in daily life as well as in areas such as tourism, art etc. Up until now, in the Pop era, Pasta still had their own movements and great influence due to the phenomenon of migration in the 19th century.

Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Sir Antonio Alessandro added: “It is not a strange thing when the world pronounces Pasta “Queen of the table"! Being an Italian traditional cuisine, Pasta has been enjoyed by all food lovers around the world, and become the world's most favorite food (according to Oxfam's survey). However, legitimate sources of information could not always reach the customers”.

In her words, Vietnam Beauty Pageant and Brand Ambassador of True Italian Taste in Vietnam, Ms. Ngoc Han stated: “The popularity of Pasta also generates commercial potential for companies, food bloggers, KOL on social networks and private companies to reach more users through social networks. For instance on Instagram, hashtag #pizza and #Pasta has over 60 millions post: @pizza rank first with 43 millions posts while #Pasta comes at fifth place with 21 millions posts, after #gelato (a typical ice cream of Italy), #sushi and #chicken. Aside from that, Pasta has always been a subject of aspiration for artists to create works of art. These uses have demonstrated the versatility of pasta”.

Through this event, ICHAM aims at providing food importers, food distributors, Horeca-related companies as well as customers the precise and sufficient knowledge on this renowned dish. From there, customers could make a more reasonable choice and use authentic Italian product instead of falling into the “Italian sounding” trap - a method in which foreign producers take advantage of the Italian-like phrases to name the brand, causing confusion among consumers about its origin and hence, increase the product sales./.