Kate festival (Source: hanoimoi.com.vn)
The Department will research and clarify the value of the relics of Hoa Lai and Po Klong Garai towers associated with the system of Cham towers in the central provinces to prepare a dossier to be submitted to UNESCO on this cultural heritage.

The Kate festival is held annually for three days in the seventh lunar month to show Cham ethnic people’s gratitude to kings, mandarins and ancestors.

The Cham people call their kings and mandarins the Pokal, village genie the Po Play, and ancestors the Mu Kay.

The first day of the festival begins with a thanksgiving ceremony to the Po Play in villages.

On the second day, the Cham give offerings to the Pokal at ancient temples to pray for a peaceful and happy life. From the third day, they celebrate at home to honour their ancestors.

During the festival, people wear traditional clothes to join in rituals and cultural activities, folk dances, musical performances with traditional instruments, and folk games./.

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