The ceremony held to open the exhibition (Photo:

The event, lasting until May 30th, is organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications to celebrate the 130th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh.

The highlights are publications written and compiled by President Ho Chi Minh, such as Nhat Ky Trong Tu (Diary in Prison), a collection of 133 poems written in 1942 - 1943, and his testament in 1969.

“Duong Kach Menh” (The Revolutionary Path), a book of lectures by Nguyen Ai Quoc at training courses for staff of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Youth League, held in Guangzhou, China, between 1925 and 1927, is also displayed. 

The exhibition displays nearly 700 publications, precious and rare documents, photos and stamps on President Ho Chi Minh, and on studying and following the thought, morality and style of Uncle Ho, aiming to help educate youth about the country’s revolutionary traditions, patriotism and national pride.

After ending the exhibition, all digitalized publications and documents will be presented to the National Library of Vietnam to help readers to have more opportunity to learn about Uncle Ho, as well as avoid wasting invaluable documents about President Ho Chi Minh./.