It is not difficult to see the fascinating magic tricks of amateur circus artists, professional guitarists, hot dances or beautiful voices, and the joy of young people immersed in traditional folk games.

The creativity and diversity in folk style and modern features have brought a new nuance to the walking zone.

This place has become an interesting destination for young people and families who want to have a peaceful, comfortable living space, and a favorite stroll for many foreigners living in Hanoi.

The faces of people at the pedestrian street are always relaxed and peaceful.

Regular photo exhibitions help visitors approach more aspects of social life.

Street artists avidly performing

Tug of war is a game that always attracts people to show their strength of solidarity.

To he - a traditional toy making art in Hanoi

A Spanish woman is interested in the traditional toy making.

Children enjoy painting.

Visitors, even foreigners, enjoy playing folk games.

The lakeside road is the favorite place to relax.

Enjoying the fresh atmosphere (Photos by The Duong)
Compiled by BTA