Visitors to the exhibition (Source: CPV)
The exhibition titled “Che Guevara, Fidel Castro - the Lighthouses of the Cuban revolution” was held by the Journalists’ Associations of Vietnam and Cuba on the occasion of the delegation of the Union of Journalists of Cuba’s (UPEC) visit to Vietnam from December 2nd to 8th.  

Speaking at the event, Standing Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association Ho Quang Loi stressed that the event was to pay tribute to leader Fidel Castro and hero Che Guevara. He also expressed sincere thanks to the Cuban people, who are brothers of Vietnamese people.

Mr Loi hoped that the exhibition will serve as a bridge to connect and boost cooperation between the two countries’ press circles.

On this occasion, UPEC and Perfecto Romero Ramirez decided to present these 36 photographs to the Vietnam Journalists’ Association./.

Compiled by BTA