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Major General Trinh Van Quyet, Political Commissar of the Military Zone 2, said the campaign contributed to raising the political spirit and moral quality of staff and party members; overcoming the manifestation of degradation in a part of officials, party members and soldiers; and preventing “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” in accordance with the spirit of Resolution of 4th PCC meeting (term XII). 

The three-year campaign has seen many typical examples and outstanding individuals in studying and following the ideology, morality, and style of President Ho Chi Minh, and some teams and individuals became examples of morality, will and the spirit of overcoming difficulties in their work.

New models, movements or creative methods were applied in practical activities such as "three companionship, one goal" of Division 316, “Good training, smart mass mobilization” of the Yen Bai provincial Military Headquarters, and “Joining hands for the life of compatriot” of the Lai Chau provincial Military Headquarters.

Through the campaign, organs and units in the Military Zone helped 1,546 households escape from poverty, mobilized more than 28,000 working days and repaired 223 kilometers of concrete roads, dredged 142 kilometers of canals into fields, built 113 team houses in 137 communes with a total expense of VND8 billion, and provided free medical treatment to more than 15 million people with a total funding of VND7 billion./.