Postage stamps on COVID-19 prevention and control issued (Source: The Ministry of Information and Communciations)

Under the theme “Joining hands for COVID-19 prevention and control”, the set consists of two samples, measuring 31 x 46 mm, which were designed by painter Pham Trung Hai from Vietnam Post.

The first sample, valued at VND4,000, features representatives from the health sector, military and police forces, who are working day and night as a shield to protect people’s health and the country’s peace.

Meanwhile, the second one, valued VND15,000, illustrates Vietnamese doctors who are conducting research to develop the most effective treatment regime for COVID-19 and produce a vaccine against the disease.

The stamps will be distributed nationwide and 192 member countries and territories of the Universal Postal Union. The stamps are valid until December 31st, 2021./.

Compiled by BTA