The launching ceremony (Source: CPV)

This practical activity has important significance in continuing to implementing Resolution of the 9th meeting of the 12th Central Party Committee on building Vietnamese culture and people meeting the demand of national sustainable development.

Entries must be public from September 1st, 2019 to June 30th, 2020.

Works focus on reflecting building harmonious and happy families; responsibility of visitors at festivals; responsibility of traffic participants; outstanding groups and individuals in behavior culture in families, schools, hospitals, office and public places to improve awareness of cadres, civil servants, laborers and people of all walks in participating in the movement to unite all people to build cultural life and Vietnamese people that are in line with the standards of civilized and modern behavior in the process of international integration and development of the country.

Cultural beauty during Tet holidays (Photo for illustration/ Source:

The awarding ceremony is expected to be held on the 75th anniversary of August Revolutionary (August 19th) and the National Independence Day (September 2nd) in 2020./.