Dien Bien Phu victory statue (Source: baocongthuong.vn)

The project aims to preserve, embellish and restore the national historical relics and invest in constructing synchronously other necessary works, in order to recreate the basic features of the historical landscape, the battlefield image at a number of component relics, increasing persuasion and attraction for the relics.

This will honor the meaning, value and international influence of Dien Bien Phu victory; educate generations of Vietnamese people on revolutionary tradition; create tourism products imbued with historical and cultural characteristics in the Northwest region; gradually make Dien Bien one of the key tourist centers for historical, cultural, ecological, spiritual and resort tourism in the northern mountainous region.

The province will organize the task of planning on the preservation and restoration of relics; continue to organize research, investigation, scientific surveys, and collection of documents and artifacts; organize exhibitions; renovate the worshiping area of General Vo Nguyen Giap in Muong Phang; and start construction of Fallen Soldiers Worshipping Temple at Dien Bien Phu battlefield on F Hill./.

Compiled by BTA