San Chay ethnic festival recognized as national intangible heritage (Source:

The festival, usually held around the lunar New Year, includes many unique and traditional elements of culture of the local San Chay.

On this occasion, the villagers prepare a full range of offerings such as chicken, pork, candles and other offerings. Objects that are indispensable during the ceremony are ancient paintings. A complete set of ancient paintings of the monks includes 28 paintings with different images used on different occasions. For example, paintings used in the ceremony to worship dead people, in ritual ceremonies, and in the ceremony of praying for a good harvest.

After a round of earthen drum beats, the head of the ritual ceremony conducts the rite, praying for good weather, a bumper crop and prosperity all year round. Following that is the Tac xinh dance for young people to replicate movements in labour and production with a background of simple bamboo and earthen musical instruments./.

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