Stamp set on Vietnamese national costume released

In 2017, postal administrations of ASEAN countries agreed to issue a common stamp among countries in the bloc with the frequency of two year a set. Issue topics will be agreed among countries. On the stamps of ASEAN countries, the "ASEAN Post" logo will be used together with their specific national image. In the same year, the postal administrations of ASEAN countries have issued stamps under the theme "national flower".

This year, they agreed to issue stamps under the theme “national costume”.

"National costume" stamp set issued by Vietnam Post has the image of a couple wearing Ao dai. The woman’s Ao dai uses lotus image which represents the purity, simplicity and rusticness of Vietnamese women. The man’s Ao dai uses bamboo image which shows strength, resilience and ability to withstand the storm of life. The stamp pattern background is the image of a bronze drum.

The stamp set consists of one sample designed by painter Pham Trung Ha, Vietnam Post Corporation. It will be provided on the public postal network until June 30th, 2021./.

Compiled by BTA