Artisans instructed how to make traditional handicrafts (Source:
The program creates a playing ground and educate the youth to respect traditional culture and complete living skill for children.

The biggest appeal is the direct interaction and experience with artisans and artists. Children will be instructed in the product making process by artisans.

Main topics will be painting camp, special paper making, kite making and flying, cooking contest, and pottery making. Topics will change every week during the summer.

The painting camp will take place from 09h00 to 11h00 every Sunday. Children will enjoy making watercolour paintings. Completed works will be auctioned for charity.

Kite clubs nationwide and the Vietnam Center for Kite Preservation will introduce and instruct children and tourists how to make kites. Participants will experience kite making and send kites to the contest. Winning works will be sent for exhibition and international kite contests./.

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