Neu tree erecting ceremony in the previous program (Source:

The event will be launched by the Thang Long-Hanoi Heritage Conservation Center to preserve Vietnam’s traditional cultural values, beautiful customs and rituals during the lunar new year, as well as to educate younger people about national traditions.

Apart from performance of calligraphy, folk paintings, Origami paper folding, and the model of wine-making to offer kings, exhibition on the culture of spring days, such as enjoying Tet wine, Tet cake and the model of cooking wine on Tet are hoping to win hearts of visitor.

They will also experience the spring festival atmosphere with different reinstated traditional activities such as Neu tree erecting ceremony, the release of carp and spring incense offering ceremony; enjoy Tet market; study old Tet through folk games, calligraphy, follower-making and puppetry shows./.

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