A centuries-old house in Dong Son ancient village (Source: sggp.org.vn)

The information was released by the Office of Thanh Hoa provincial People’s Committee.

Accordingly, the project will assess the situation of Dong Son ancient village on natural, economic and social conditions, current status of cultural and historical relics, ancient village space, archaeological relics, ancient houses, festivals, identify typical characteristics and values of Dong Son ancient village. From these assessments, the objectives of conservation and promotion of heritage values associated with tourism development will be determined.

Dong Son ancient village is considered to be one of the 10 most beautiful ancient villages of Vietnam. However, unlike ancient villages such as Duong Lam, Phuoc Tich, Mai Xa, Dong Son ancient village also meets five elements of archeology, cultural history, landscapes, revolutionary resistance and architecture.

In 1924, a villager discovered a number of copper items by the Ma river, including a copper drum. After many archaeological excavations, archaeologists found many precious bronze artifacts proving the existence of a brilliant civilization and culture dating back more than 2,500 years.

In addition, there are dozens of centuries-old houses and a village road system created in the shape of fishbone with small alleys./.

Compiled by BTA