Ethnic minority culture greatly adds to the richness, diversity, uniqueness and characteristics of Vietnamese culture,
in which the Northwest region is the cultural cradle of the Mong, Thai and Muong ethnic groups.

Each ethnic group in the Northwest has its own costumes, through which people can identify their ethnic group,
residence, customs and cultural life.

Traditional Thai costumes in Yen Bai province contribute to creating the cultural beauty of Xoe dances
- a symbol of solidarity among the Northwestern ethnic-inhabited areas.

Lu ethnic people in Son La province have preserved their own cultural features, including traditional women's costumes.

Tay ethnic costumes

Giay ethnic costumes

Marriage of Giay ethnic group in Lao Cai province

Costumes of San Chay ethnic group in Thai Nguyen province

H’Mong ethnic people in Dien Bien province use four main colours, including green, red, purple and yellow,
to create unique patterns on their traditional costumes.

The technique of pattern embroidery on costumes shows the skillfulness and sophistication
of women, the love of nature and the life of H’Mong ethnic people

Costumes contribute to creating cultural beauty, showing traditional values and
creating a colorful cultural picture of the 54 ethnic communities in Vietnam. (Photos by The Duong)

Compiled by BTA