1. Spain

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Partying and fireworks are popular ways to celebrate the New Year worldwide. However, many years ago in Seville, Spain, people chose to count down to New Year's Eve - twelve, eleven, ten ... with each grape to bring good luck.

2. Denmark

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Danish people throw old plates and glasses at the door of their relatives and friends in the hope of driving away the bad luck of the old year. They also often stand up from their seats, then jump to the ground with the hope of gaining good luck in the first month of the New Year.

3. Finland

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In Finland, people predict the New Year with a unique and interesting cultural feature. They will melt tin and pour it into different shapes. Heart-shapes or rings are symbols for love and wedding, a ship for a wish to travel or a pig for a full New Year.

4. Scotland

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Like the custom of the first visit to a house in New Year in Vietnam, in Scotland, the first person, who enters the door of the New Year will give the landlord a gift symbolizing luck. In the festive atmosphere, people will light camp-fires and make fireballs, a symbol of the Sun, to drive away bad luck in New Year.

5. The Philippines

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You will see circle items throughout the Philippines on New Year's Eve because the people in this country think that the circle symbolizes the roundness and the coin is the symbol of prosperity. At the time of transferring from the old year to the new year, many people eat 12 round fruits (usually grapes). Even clothing with polka dots is also popular in the early days of the New Year.

6. American countries

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In Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela, to bring luck, people will wear colorful underwear on New Year's Eve. In particular, red with meaning will bring love in the New Year, yellow represents money and wealth.

Colombian people usually carry empty suitcases around their house in the hope of a New Year filled with travel.

In Chile, people hold coins in their hands or put money at the door to hope for a full New Year.

In Ecuador, men can wear wigs, dark makeup, and short skirts.

In Argentina, the New Year comes in the summer, as in many other South American countries, so families often go to the beach.

7. Greece

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Traditionally, onions are usually hung on the front door of houses in Greece. This image bears the meaning of rebirth in the New Year. In addition, on New Year's Day, parents will wake their children up by tapping on their heads with onions.

8. Japan

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In the land of the Rising Sun, on New Year's Eve, people will welcome Toshigami god of the New Year, the god of luck, health and prosperity.

Buddhist pagodas across the country will ring the bell 108 times at midnight. The bell is said to help dispel negative things in everyone's temper./.

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