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These activities will feature the participation of 90 people from 12 ethnic minority groups, including Tay, Dao, Mong, Thai, Muong, Kho Mu, Ta Oi, Co Tu, Raglai, Ede, Khmer and Cham, and Kinh people from Duong Lam ancient village, Hanoi Children Palace and monks from Khmer ethnic pagoda in the village.

The month’s highlight activity will be the childhood and countryside market at A2 pine hill, to be held from July 27th to 29th. Children will enjoy making several traditional handicrafts and playing folk games.

From July 7th to 31st, tourism programs will be held for delegations, especially children. Visitors will have a chance to experience Cham ethnic pottery making, Ta Oi ethnic cake making, Tay ethnic cake making and Thai ethnic rice cooking.

Training courses on July 7th-8th and 21st-22nd at the Khmer pagoda will help children understand beautiful things, experience religious life of meditation and listen to teachings about filial piety.

The children’s drawing program under the theme of the Central Highlands on July 7th and 8th, and 16th and 17th, is available for those between 6-15./.

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