Photo: Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi

Klepon is a small round cake filled with brown sugar and coated with grated coconut. You can easily find Klepon in many areas of Indonesia. Its texture is similar to mochi cake, chewy and smooth. When you chew on Klepon, you can taste the explosion of its rich sweetness in your mouth.

The event drawn the attention of many Vietnamese and even foreign students who came from several universities in Hanoi such as Vietnam Woman’s Academy, National Economics University, Vietnam National University – International School.

The class started with the introduction about Klepon, its ingredients and demonstration of how to make this yummy snack. All participants paid attention to that process attentively. After watching the demonstration, all participants joined in making this simple snack. They kneaded, shaped and boiled the dough in hot water and covered them with young coconut by themselves.

Photo: Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi

Mr. Oluwafemi David, a student of Vietnam National University – International School shared his opinion on the event, “This is my first time attending an event like this. It’s very interesting when I try making Indonesian food. Klepon is not too hard to make and the taste is quite good, I love it”.

Promoting Indonesian culture in Vietnam is one of the missions of the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi. By introducing Indonesian cuisine to Vietnamese people, especially the young generation, the relation between the two countries will be strengthened. This is more meaningful when Indonesia and Vietnam are going to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the bilateral relations on 30 December, this year./.

Khac Kien