"Maternal Love 2" by Vu Duy Thong (Source: vapa.org.vn)

“The Last Wharf” and “Maternal Love 2” topped the Life and Birds categories. He also received the Master of Light (MoL) ribbon for his photo Happy Emotion in the Portrait category.

Other Vietnamese photographer Duong Van Nhi won silver salon medal on contrast topic with "Small and Big".

"Small and Big" by Duong Van Nhi (Source: VNS)

Vietnamese artists such as Duong Van Nhi, Dang Ke Cuong, Nguyen Hieu, Nguyen Ho Quan, Duong Duy Khang, Pham Vu Dung, Trinh Dinh Thang, Ho Trung Lam, Nguyen Xuan Tuyen, Nguyen Thi Hong Lan, Vu Duc Phuong, Dang Ke Duc, Nguyen Ngoc Ban, Ninh Manh Thang, Do Thanh Nhan, Nguyen Khanh, Le Huu Thiet, Nguyen Manh Linh, Dong Khap Tiep, Trung Ngoc Minh and Hoang Tri had photos hung at the exhibition.

The contest was organised by photo club Infinity from Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and attracted 4,897 photos from 47 countries and territories. It had 12 categories for digital camera.

At the contest, Vietnamese photographers were honored in 10 categories. /.

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