Ta Oi ethnic women have to pass many sophisticated stages to make beautiful and exquisite patterns.

The Ta Oi weaving loom is made of separate bamboo or wooden frame, which is quite simple and lightweight. As a result, Ta Oi women can bring the loom to anywhere for weaving whenever it is convenient.

In September every year, Ta Oi ethnic people harvest cotton on the field and pluck the fibers, then dye and glue them. Zeng panels mainly have colours of black, white, yellow, red, green and purple. Each color is made from trees and leaves in nature.

In the spiritual life of the Ta Oi, Zeng is indispensable in religious activities;  an engagement of girls with loyal men; and a thing to show filial piety to their grandparents, parents, with people who have contributed to the village.

Weaving is not only a simple handicraft, but also a measure to appreciate many values in the life of the Ta Oi.

The patterns on the landscape are explained by people such as the sun, mountains, rivers, slopes, trees, animals or mascots. The weaving has fascinated many researchers because of its strange and unique "antiquity". (Photos by The Duong)

Compiled by BTA