An organ transplant operation (Source:

As the leading medical establishment in multi-organ transplant, Vietnam-Germany Hospital is currently leading in the number of organ transplants as well as having achieved many successes in developing important and modern medical technology. The hospital only carries out difficult organ transplants but also supports and transfers organ transplant techniques to other hospitals to bring life to many patients.

With the "record" of performing 23 organ transplants over the past 13 days, all transplants are now having good results. Patients are in the process of recovering health.

The operations include three cases of heart, four cases of liver, and 16 cases of kidney failures, of which 15 organs were taken from brain dead donors.

The cardiovascular and thoracic centre performed consecutive heart transplants on September 11-12 for the first time ever.

The first person to be operated on was a 33-year-old patient from Thanh Hoa province who had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy five years previously.

The other case involved a 52-year-old patient in Thanh Hoa who was suffering from cardiomyopathy for several years and received an organ from a brain-dead donor during the operation. The procedures took doctors six hours and 15 hours, respectively, in order to perform the life-saving surgeries.

Vietnam-Germany Hospital is the leading medical facility in the country for conducting multi-organ transplant operations. In addition to performing complicated organ transplants, it also supports other medical facilities and contributes to saving the lives of many patients through the use of modern technology.

First batch of Vietnam’s coffee exported to EU with zero tariffs

Vietnam shipped its first batch of coffee to a number of European countries on September 16 following the enforcement of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which will see coffee exports enjoy a preferential tariff of 0%.

First batch of Vietnam’s coffee exported to EU with zero tariffs (Source: VOV)

Vietnam ships first batch of coffee to EU with zero tariffs under the EVFTA with several  other agricultural products poised to enjoy preferential tariff in the coming time

Vietnam ships first batch of coffee to EU with zero tariffs under the EVFTA with several  other agricultural products poised to enjoy preferential tariff in the coming time

Since the EVFTA was first implemented on August 1 this year, the EU has eliminated tariffs on all of the country’s unroasted or roasted coffee products from their previous levels of between 7% and 11%, while processed coffee will also enjoy a 0% tariff compared to the previous rate of 9% to 12%, said VOV.

Simultaneously, the EU has also agreed to protect 39 Vietnamese geographical indications (GI) under the terms of the EVFTA, including the GI of coffee, which serves to give the Vietnamese coffee industry an advantage over other rivals trying to penetrate the EU market.

Vietnam, the world’s second largest coffee exporter, has taken the lead in terms of exporting Robusta coffee for many years. Its annual export turnover reaches over US$3 billion, accounting for 17.4% in volume and 9.5% of the world’s overall coffee export value.

Most notably, Vietnamese coffee has been marketed in more than 80 countries globally, with the EU becoming the largest consumer of the local product, making up 40% of the country’s total volume and 38% of total export turnover.

Over the past five years, Vietnam has replanted approximately 130,000 hectares of old coffee plants, exceeding the set target of 120,000 hectares.

Tropical storm gains strength, heads toward Vietnam

A tropical storm has formed in the East Sea and is forecast to pick up forward speed before making landfall in Vietnam in a couple of days, according to the national weather authority (NCHF).

The storm, the fifth of its kind in the East Sea, is moving toward the central coast of Vietnam. (Photo: NCHM)

At around 4am September 16, storm Noul was located about 200km north of Palawan island of the Philippines, packing gusts of between 60-75kph near its centre.

In the next 24 to 48 hours, the storm is moving west and north-west at a speed of between 15-20kph and is likely to gain strength.

It will continue to intensify as it makes its way toward central Vietnam, travelling at a speed of between 20-25kph.

Noul will cause rough seas and heavy rain on the way it traverses Vietnam’s Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago in the East Sea.

Central coastal provinces of Vietnam, especially those spanning from Quang Binh to Da Nang, are on high alert as the storm is approaching the coast. Mountainous localities are warned about possible flashfloods and landslides when it makes landfall this weekend.

Noul is forecast to be the most powerful storm that has formed in the East Sea this year, according to weather experts.


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