Cooperation in the agriculture and forestry industries has been a very important part of Australia’s relationship with Vietnam throughout the 45 years of diplomatic links between the two countries.

‘This year marks our 25th anniversary of agricultural research partnership with Vietnam. Australia’s support through agricultural research collaboration has been consistent and efficient, as part of our larger aid program in Vietnam”, said Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr Craig Chittick.

The research collaboration with Vietnam has been led by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) since 1993.

According to Dr Le Quoc Doanh, Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, ACIAR is a special partner for Vietnam in agricultural research and development. The collaboration and knowledge-sharing from Australia and the world through ACIAR have promoted research capacity in Vietnam, brought advances in science and technology, and contributed to poverty reduction. 

The positive impact of these partnerships are reflected in research and development of acacia and eucalypt plantations; rapid expansion of the oyster industry; and the successful market engagement for vegetables and fruits from the northwest region, to give just three examples.

Australia has extensive research and development experience, which it has been able to share with Vietnamese counterparts to build on their capability to tackle their problems more effectively. This includes expertise in horticulture and livestock production and marketing, food quality and safety assurance, water saving practices, plantation forest management, and aquaculture.

Over the past 25 years, the Australian Government has invested AUD100 million in 170 research projects in Vietnam, and at the same time provided hundreds of postgraduate scholarships for Vietnamese researchers to study in Australia. Many of these scientists are now research leaders.

ACIAR has recently announced its research collaboration strategy with Vietnam for 2017-2027 to continue supporting the nation in agricultural research for development, focusing on the North West Highlands, the Central Highlands and the Mekong Delta./.