At a border gate in Vietnam's Lang Son province (Photo: TTO)

Deputy Director of the Guangxi Department of Commerce Liang Yi Guang said that due to the disease, cross-border crossings were closed for a period of time.

The first batch of 7.1 tons of shrimp from Vietnam entered China through Dong Xing border gate on February 25th. According to the Customs of China’s Nanning city, the capital city of Guangxi province, on February 26th, the total volume of goods passing through Dong Xing border gate reached 14,000 tons worth CNY620 million (USD 88.5 million), since this border gate resumed customs clearance service after the long lunar New Year holiday.

China’s Guangxi, bordering Vietnam, acts as a gateway to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). According to Mr. Liang Yi Guang, effective measures have been taken in Guangxi recently to prevent and control Covid-19 in the border areas. Guangxi local authorities discussed with the northern localities of Vietnam and adopted a reasonable clearance process for cross-border trade.

Mr. Liang Yi Guang added that the resumption of border trade of Guangxi province with Vietnam will ensure the efficient supply of raw materials for businesses of the two countries, increase Vietnam’s agricultural imports and promote economic development, and meet growing consumer demand in China./.

Compiled by BTA