Major currency earners include rice, aquatic products, and apparel. Rice remains promising as firms have actively expanded their foothold in new and traditional markets such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

Source: VNA
Rice exports surpassed 217,450 tonnes during the period, raking in USD109.1 million, up 31.3 percent in volume and 43.2 percent in value. It was shipped to 35 countries, of which 13 in Asia, 10 in Africa, five in Europe, four in Oceania, and three in America.

More than 58,920 tonnes of frozen aquatic products were shipped abroad, earning USD139.5 million, equivalent to 97.7 percent of the previous year’s volume but up 22.3 percent in value.

This year, An Giang has provided support for its enterprises, regularly updating information about domestic and foreign markets while also ensuring power supply for manufacturing and legal support for firms.

It held seminars on the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) for businesses, farmers, cooperatives, and officials.

The province has also piloted a system to trace the origins of fruits and vegetables, building schemes to develop rice, pork, and mango trademarks in Cho Moi district to improve the quality of local farm produce, thus meeting demands at home and abroad./.