The Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction is proposing an important project titled "Smart urban development in Vietnam by 2025 with a vision to 2030", requiring the active participation of all Ministries, sectors and localities in order to effectively implement the tasks and objectives assigned by the Prime Minister.

“AkzoNobel - one of the leading companies in paints and coatings in the world, and also the manufacturer of the Dulux paint brand, continues to introduce to Vietnamese customers more solutions in products and consulting services. We welcome AkzoNobel's initiative in orienting products towards development of smart and sustainable cities in Vietnam,” said Mr Tran Quoc Thai - Deputy Director of Urban Development Agency under the Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction.

Mr Tran Quoc Thai - Deputy Director of Urban Development Agency under the Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction spoke at the event. (Photo: T&H)

This year, sustainable development is the core value of AkzoNobel. As a result, Dulux Professional's new, professional and optimized products will provide solutions for coating needs on all the surfaces of projects, buildings aiming for safety and benefits as well as the sustainable development of the community.

In addition to the list of 64 products in 2016 and additional products in 2017, Dulux Professional continues to add onto the products catalogue for projects in the Vietnam market comprehensive solutions about the product and service for coating needs through new products, such as super premium exterior paint Weathershield FlexiMemBrane & Weathershield TR E2000; Exterior Roadline paints; super premium interior paint Diamond Refresh and Dulux Professional Quick Dry Gloss for interior wood and metal surface.

By 2050, it is forecasted that 70% of the world's population will live in urban areas, thus putting tremendous pressure on the system of infrastructure and facilities. The world is in the strongest stage of infrastructure and living space development, demanding architects, builders to catch up and meet the real trends and living needs of the community.

This is also the premise for the birth and development of smart cities, which helps the residential community to develop sustainably. Therefore, coatings for buildings play a very important role in the process of building and developing smart cities. The superior advances in technology of coating products help to partly solve some challenges, which cities are facing and bring sustainable values to the smart cities in the future.

Besides, the manufacturer is powered to meet the needs and professional requirements in the fields of entertainment, health, trade, education and civil as well/.