Despite difficulties, textile and garment earns billions of USD in export. (Photo: TPO)

Of which, 8 groups of goods made important contributions to the revenue, including: aquatic products; wood and wood products; textile and garment; footwear; computers, electronic products and components; phones and components; machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts; and means of transport and spare parts.

Despite difficulties, the export of textiles and garments has reached a total turnover of nearly USD35.5 billion.

The above 8 groups of goods contribute 70.5% of the country's total export turnover. Notably, as of March 15th, Vietnam reported the first group of export products with a turnover of USD10 billion or more, while in the same period last year, no product reached this milestone.

Phones and accessories were the first group of goods with turnover of over USD10.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of nearly 8.5%. The US, the European Union (EU), China, the Republic of Korea (RoK) are key markets of this goods group./.

Compiled by BTA