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According to the dispatch, signed by Deputy Minister Le Anh Tuan, the Government Office on March 21st issued Announcement No.118/TB-VPCP, in which the Prime Minister ordered continuing to restrict international flights to Vietnam, including those by foreign carriers, at the maximum, amid the COVID-19 epidemic as it can easily lead to overload in quarantine areas.

The Ministry of Transport also asked the aviation sector to create favourable conditions for flights carrying foreigners to leave Vietnam.

Previously, it directed the CAAV to inform all airlines that they must seek permission from Vietnamese diplomatic agencies abroad regarding the transportation of Vietnamese citizens to the homeland, starting from 00h00 on March 23rd.

The CAAV was also asked to coordinate with Vietnamese representative offices abroad to check the number of Vietnamese citizens in need of returning home and report to the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

On March 23rd, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a notice recommending Vietnamese citizens restrain travel between countries or traveling back to Vietnam as more and more countries are shutting their borders and restricting international flights, which could easily lead to being stranded./.