July CPI in Hanoi rises 0.44%. (Photo: CPV)

Average price index from the start of the year increased by 3.51% compared to that of the same period last year.

Compared to June 2020, transportation increased the most, by 3.52% due to the impacts of petrol and oil prices, while culture, entertainment and tourism went up 0.36%; housing, electricity, and building materials, up 0.34%; housing appliances, 0.18%; beverage and cigarettes, 0.14%; clothing, hats and footwear 0.1%; medicine and health services, 0.09%; restaurants and catering services, 0.02%; goods and other services, 0.12%.

Particularly, prices of post and telecommunications group and education group remained unchanged.

Compared to a month earlier, gold price increased by 3.78% and US dollar price decreased by 0.23%./.