Harvesting late ripe longan. (Photo: Hanoimoi)

The volume of longan was planted at Dai Thanh commune, Quoc Oai district and Song Phuong commune, Hoai Duc district.

The shipment is expected to open prospects for specialty fruits of Hanoi. Together with dragon fruit, litchi, and star apple; late ripe longan is becoming familiar to customers of the US and other choosy markets.

In 2018, the total growing area of longan in Hanoi was 1,772 hectares with an output estimated at 25,000 tons; earning about VND400 billion, making up 16% of the total turnover of fruits of all kinds. Of this, about 600 hectares were cultivated for late ripe longan mainly in Quoc Oai, Hoai Duc and Chuong My districts.

Mr. Ta Van Tuong, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said in the near future, the capital will intensify the building of sustainable and safe late ripe longan producing area on the basis of applying synchronous technology, especially applying hi-tech in production.

In addition, measures to maintain late ripe longan to meet the requirement of spreading the harvest and improving economic efficiency for farmers will be studied.

In the long term, the capital will continue well tapping domestic traditional consumption markets with the focus on expanding shipment to high value markets such as the US, European countries and the Middle East./.