Therefore, the AHK Vietnam conducted this flash survey on February 10th 2020 to analyze the extent of economic consequences for German businesses in Vietnam. We have collected the feedback of 84 German companies and investors in Vietnam from different branches.

According to the survey result, 76 percent of German companies confirmed that the epidemic effected their activities in Vietnam since the coronavirus expanded. Vietnam gave scenarios for economic growth amid the impact of coronavirus and also for the business activities in Vietnam.

55 percent of the companies have already their own measure and prepare well regarding to the increasing risk of coronavirus infections. 47 percent of them have already banned travels to China, 38 percent have restricted business travels to this country. 38 percent of the German companies have drafted bans regarding incoming visitors from China.

41 percent of them have restricted to receive other foreign visitors who traveled to China recently. For other foreign visitors, German companies still welcome their visits (52 percent). 38 percent of German companies have restricted travels to other foreign countries affected by the virus.

About the effect of all measures taken by the Vietnamese government to restrict the virus in Vietnam, 44 percent of German companies thought they are intime and represent their interests. 36 percent of them confirmed that those measures supported them to some extent.

Moreover, German companies in Vietnam gave their own comments, suggestions and solutions towards AHK Vietnam, GBA Vietnam and Vietnamese government. They would like to receive updated information, facts and figures on the effects of coronavirus on the Vietnamese economy. Many of them express their expectation that the epidemic is controlled promptly in Vietnam./.

Khac Kien