This is as part of JICA’s Technical Cooperation project for Green growth promotion in Ha Long bay area.

By introducing lessons from Shiga Prefecture’s “Lake Biwa model”, the Japanese side hopes to see the participation of local authorities, communities and universities in improving and protecting water resources of Ha Long bay, as well as in promoting eco-tourism.

Photo: JICA Vietnam Office 
Mr. Tetsuji Goto, Senior Advisor of JICA, stressed that strong leadership of Quang Ninh People’s Committee is needed for policy development such as institutionalization and establishment of a provincial funding and financial mechanism, to promote the green growth.

Moreover, participation of all stakeholders from local government to local communities, from public to private sector, is the key element to effectively translate the provincial green growth policies into actions on the ground.

Over the last ten years, JICA has supported Quang Ninh province with various projects. In 2014, Quang Ninh was selected as a pilot province for the green growth promotion in Vietnam based on the National Green Growth Strategy, transforming the locality from brown to green economy through five pilot activities, expecting to establish a mechanism to promote mitigation measures in collaboration between public and private sectors./.